“Black Metal Hip Hop” is Really Just Hip Hop

  • Axl Rosenberg

The MC known as Thorne sent us his new video for the song “Hitman,” proclaiming the clip to be “black metal hip hop” and insisting that “We’re all legit metal fans. It just so happens that one of us (me) happens to be an MC.”

And, uh, okay, fine, but I dunno how this is “black metal hip hop.” For one thing, most of the merch being worn by the dudes in the video is for bands who most certainly are not black metal (Godflesh, The Black Dahlia Murder, Possessed, Entombed, etc.). And for another thing, the song and video are just like a billion other hip hop songs and video, except everyone has metal-themed vests and shirts on. So these dudes may be “legit metal fans,” but they’re still just using that fandom as a gimmick — they’re doing anything innovative, or bridging the divide between metal and hip hop in any meaningful way.

Update: Unfortunately, Thorne has yanked the video off the net. But the song is below if you’d like to hear it.

Oh, well. Still better than Necro.

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