Phil Anselmo’s Cooking Hostile Gets a Full Episode!


In July, animator Joey Siler released a hilarious animated commercial for a (fake, duh) cooking show hosted by Phil Anselmo, called — what else? — Cooking Hostile. Now Siler has expanded the commercial into a “full show” (don’t worry, it runs a bored-at-work-appropriate ten-and-a-half minutes), which… well, honestly, I dunno if there’s enough going on here to maintain the gag for this amount of time. It’s basically all food-related parodies of Pantera songs, which gives it a “Okay I get the idea” quality after awhile.

So there’s room for improvement for future episodes, sure. But clearly, Siler has some more A++++ WDBWA material in him — I mean, the Cooking with Anthrax bit at the beginning of this is great (for example). If Siler just expands the purview of his jokes a little bit, he could really be onto something here.


[via Metal Injection]

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