I Think Neurotic November May Have Gotten Worse


Nuerotic November CrabcoreI was about halfway through Neurotic November’s new video for the song “Nonchalant” before I realized I knew this band. The video is so hilariously terrible (it looks like an Attack Attack! clip filtered through the mind of Rip Taylor) that I assumed the band was unsigned, but no — Victory snatched this band up last year. And somehow, their new stuff actually sounds more like some horrible local band than the stuff they made before they were signed. This is nu-deathcore that is somehow insulting to both nu-metal and deathcore.

And it gets even funnier if you read the lyrics:

All that shit you talk about me
I should fucking slit your throat like I’m Chucky
I’m the new North West and Blue Ivy
‘Cause all you kids act like paparazzi
But how can it bother me?
When I’m sitting at home with your girlie
And she keep calling me honey
Now all that shit you say is kinda funny

Well, Neurotic November, I’m single, so I can’t provide for you a girlie with whom to sit. Still, I hope you still find all the shit I say kinda funny. I mean, you’ve provided me with a ton of laughs, so I’m happy to reciprocate.

Neurotic November’s new album, Aduki, is out now on Victory.

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