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Celebrity Spotify Playlist: Kin of Twelve Foot Ninja’s Australian Neighbors Playlist

Photo Credit: David Cullen
Photo Credit: David Cullen

Twelve Foot Ninja released a bombshell of an album last year with Silent Machine; we knew it was for us the minute we laid eyes on the captivating video for “Mother Sky” and we haven’t stopped listening to it since. Over a year later these Australians have finally made it to the States to open for Periphery on their current U.S. tour (along with Born of Osiris and Dead Letter Circus) and we couldn’t be more stoked to see them live. To celebrate, we asked lead singer Kin to put together a playlist for us of some of his favorite Australian metal bands. Check it below, followed by a quick Q&A.

Note: three songs on Kin’s Playlist are not available on Spotify. We’re pretty sure you know what AC/DC sound like (he chose “Jailbreak”), but you can and should check out Humality and King Parrot on your own time.

Australia obviously has a very diverse metal scene, but is there an “Australian sound” or particular niche that you see as uniquely Australian?

Not necessarily. Metal is global. Metal bands are influenced or inspired by other bands, and sounds, from all over the world, not only those in their own back yard.

Is there any one artist on your playlist that the international audience may not have heard of before that you’d love to see exposed to a wider audience?

All of them! But if I had to pick one, it would be Circles.

Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

Tough question. I love Bon. He had a sense of roguishness about him that I definitely align with. However, Brian stepped into some very big shoes, and did it with good grace. He was totally embraced by their fans and audience, even Bon’s family… I mean, just listen to Back In Black. Brian tapped into the essence of Bon and took it to a new level. He made it his own. His body of work with AC/DC is outstanding. And those pipes! So in final answer to your question, Brian. 

You’ve been in America a few days now; first impressions?

There is an abundance of franchise chains, fast food, and products that we just don’t see in Australia. Everything just seems bigger over here.

What’s next for Twelve Foot Ninja?

We have a clip coming out real soon! I think it’s going to surprise a lot of our audience, it’s pretty crazy! I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s received. We’re also planning another tour to the States, early next year. Can’t wait, and we haven’t even finished this one yet!

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