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Neüterhead: Ace of Spays



You know what’s the best thing in the world? Happy kitties and doggies! You know what’s the worst thing in the world? Sad kitties and doggies. And when kitties and doggies live on the street, that’s when they’re saddest. Cold, hungry, just trying to find the will to go on, dodging cars and coyotes, that’s no life for a kitty or doggy. Now you may not consider Bob Barker very metal but this organization does. So let’s all pledge to spay and neuter our kitties and doggies so none of them are sad and on the streets multiplying like bunnies. Who also need to be spayed/neutered. Cue the (metal cover) of that MSPCA Sarah McLachlan song.

Neüterhead: Ace of Spays is a non-profit organization that uses metal to raise funds to help dedicated animal rescue groups spay and neuter strays. Funds are raised through merchandise sold online and through bands that volunteer to sling these shirts alongside their own merch on tours. Besides having the best Motörhead parody shirt I’ve seen in a while (yeah, sit down Larry David version), they also have a Long Live Cats and Dogs shirt, beer koozies, and a pin with a cat on it named Ritchie Catmore. I’m sorry but I’m an easy audience, and puns involving animals make me laugh hysterically.

3 Inches of Blood are currently on tour and supporting Neüterhead: Ace of Spays by selling their merchandise, but you can also buy stuff through the website at All proceeds go to animal rescue groups that are non-profit, volunteer run, or have a no-kill policy. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and support the cause, because you know you love cat puns and doing something nice for your fuzzy friends that aren’t the bearded band member kind.

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