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Bandcamp Podcast

Bandcamp now has over 90,000 metal titles in its collection. Holy crap, that’s nuts!

So while the Bandcamp Weekly Podcast hasn’t focused on metal before, the show’s host Andrew Jervis decided to hand over the reigns to Bob Lugowe of Relapse Records and Brutal Panda Records as well as Rob Pasbani of Siruis Liquid Metal and Metal Injection to host a very special edition. Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust and our very own Grim Kim and yours truly phone in for interviews with Jervis about metal on Bandcamp and the metal scene in general, and Bob and Rob kick out some tunes by Skeletonwitch, Pelican, Reflux, Windhand and more. Listen to this episode of the podcast at Bandcamp.

I hate hearing my recorded voice, but in response to that one guy on Facebook: no, I’m not fat, but I do sound (and I am) Jewish, so I can understand where the confusion lies!

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