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New Behemoth Teaser Video Contains a Whole 30 Seconds of New Music



I’m just as excited for the new Behemoth album as the next guy — I can’t think of a more heavily anticipated release for 2014 — but come on already with all these teaser videos! I get it with the imagery… new Behemoth is gonna be creepy and stuff. But gimme some new music, at least a clip, something!

Thankfully we have taken a whole minute and eight seconds out of our busy morning (one of the MS Mansion Monkeys came down with a serious case of gonorrhea and he is throwing a fit like something fierce) to watch the new Behemoth teaser video for you and determine that YES, it is worth your time too, because this one does contain really real new music. A whole 30 seconds of it. Hooray! Here it is, from “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel:”

Of course the song and proper music video are gonna be released in full on December 4th, which is soon enough anyway. I’m just an impatient bastard.

Behemoth played the song live over the summer and of course there’s footage of that performance on the Interhole for you to check out if you’re so inclined. The Satanist will be out some time next year.

Now, back to tending to the poor MS Mansion Monkey known as Todd.

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