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Exclusive Track Premiere + Lyric Video: Prostitute Disfigurement’s “Glorify Through Cyanide”


Prostitute Disfigurement - From Crotch to Crown

Alright, beloved MetalSucks readers: who’s ready for something really, really super-fucking heavy? Who’s ready for something SO super-fucking heavy that it can actually cause permanent physical deformities to ladies who earn their living via the world’s oldest profession? Well, then boy oh boy, do we ever have a treat for you: an exclusive debut of “Glorify Through Cyanide,” a new track from Dutch death metal miscreants, Prostitute Disfigurement!

The song is about Jim Jones and The People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ, a cult that committed mass suicide (909 people, a third of whom were children) in 1978 via — you guessed it! — cyanide poisoning. As is befitting a death metal song chronicling this incredible (and incredibly depressing) event, “Glorify Through Cynaide” is as ugly and fucked-up as music gets. You’re gonna love it.

Check out “Glorify Through Cynaide” via the below lyric video! It will appear on Prostitute Disfigurement’s upcoming album, the “tenderly titled” (their words!) From Crotch to Crown. It comes out February 4 on Willowtip… you can pre-order physical copies here and digital copies here!

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