Ævangelist: F**ked-Up Playlist + Video


Aevangelist logo copyI’ve written fairly extensively about how unnerving the inhuman black/death/industrial horror that Ævangelist spew out can be, and on Saturday night, I bore witness to its evil made flesh. The band ended a short tour at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar, playing alongside Baltimore doom crushers Oak, Profound Lore death technicians Artificial Brain, and new death/doom outfit Disparish. It was fucking terrifying, in the best possible way. Pit Full of Shit filmed the whole thing, and I highly recommend you train your eyeballs on the video below:

Given their clear love for severely abrasive music, I thought it’d be fun to ask the fellas to put together a quick playlist of a few of their favorite fucked-up metal songs. They really run the gamut here, bouncing from schizoid black metal to freaky folk and all points in between. Pay particular attention to Jute Gyte, y’hear?


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – “Sleep Is Wrong”

Vpaahsalbrox – “The Flesh I Have Given You”

Kinit Her – “Quadriga” [Not embeddable. Click the link to hear the track. -Ed.]

Abruptum – “In Ictu Oculi”

Owlscry – “Primordial Form”

Frater Ximenes is Dead – “In Sexti Circuli”

Mournful Congregation – “The Bitter Veils of Solemnity”

Ehnahre – “The Clatterbones”

Jute Gyte – “Night is the Collaborator of Torturers”

Woods of Infinity – “Genever”

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