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Grammy Chowder: Sharon Osbourne Throws Food At The Truth

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In a high-profile industry, an ambitious person is smart to shrug off a lot of bullshit, but once you’ve flopped for a few decades, you have nothing to lose by lashing out at will. That’s why Sharon Osbourne throws drinks and disses co-workers in public: At this point, she’s half-assed talent (not half-assed management) and has nothing to gain by playing ball. And if you return fire at her one semi-defensible outpost of success — the people she married or birthed — she shall dispense her wrath.

So Sunday afternoon Osbourne again enjoyed the luxury of her status as a joke in the music industry to wild out on Jordan Feldstein, founder of Career Artist Management. Feldstein, brother of Jonah Hill and nailer of Clint Eastwood’s daughter, plots the careers of blockbusters Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, and Sarah Bareilles, so his belt has more clout than Osbourne, whose only posted success as a manager was a newly-unemployed and barely conscious mark with a massive existing fanbase (and who couldn’t fire her). And even that is debatable. And decades ago.

According to a pro-Sharon witness, it was at fancy Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy event that Feldstein zinged tablemate Osbourne in that red-flag zone: her family, her son, her very mirror image who, like mom, sold exclusives on his drug and illness battles to check-out line magazines. In response, Osbourne unholstered her usual weapon: nearby edibles. Psychologists say that to throw a punch/drink/bread bowl is a fearful person’s method of terminating an unsuccessful public debate. I’ll add that the truth hurts a person who sold her teens and bombed-out husband’s corpse to reality TV, but it’s kinda shrewd to play to the “you-go-girl” viewership of the The Talk, the chat show she co-hosts. That gang won’t realize Osbourne’s error until it sinks in that Thicke and Adam Levine will never return to guest on the show, but for now she’s got their kudos for her brave stand against a rude, disheveled, wealthy white man. Gosh if he’s not careful she’ll try to marry him.

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