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Randy Blythe’s New Blog: Sure to Be a Riveting Read


Randy Blythe Dark Days BlogFun fact: back when Randy Blythe’s Randonesia Tumblr was in its heyday, in the halcyon days of 2012, MetalSucks pitched him on penning an ongoing column in which the Lamb of God screamer commented on all the ups, downs, lefts and rights of the American Presidential race, then in full swing, as it happened. He declined. Smart man!

We can’t be blamed for wanting Blythe’s written word to grace these pages: he’s a talented writer, nimble and dynamic but grounded and direct. The profound written accompaniments he’s been posting for over a year now on his Instagram account rival the stunning photographs that are supposedly the main attraction there. No wonder someone scooped him up to a write a proper memoir of his fracas in the Czech Republic.

Now Randy’s launched yet another site, two actually. 1) Dark Days Blog, a Tumblr site dedicated solely to the book itself, in which he intends to write about the “process, publication and production” of Dark Days, which will be released later this year. 2) An Instagram account linked with the above site devoted solely to the same.

If you know what’s good for you you’ll click and bookmark both the above links right now, because the contents are sure to be hella interesting. Here’s an excerpt from the first post on Dark Days Blog:

What this blog is:

1) Process: I am a voracious reader, and have been since I was child. I love reading books about the people who write books. I love learning about their process. I love seeing pictures of their writing desks. I love hearing about the nervous break downs they had as they toiled in solitude to produce something worth reading. I love a glimpse into their great knotty craniums. That is what the first phase of this blog will attempt to do through writing, photos, video, and maybe even some original music. I have found that through my photography and Instagram account (@drandallblythe) that fans of my band and my photo work enjoy seeing what is going on in my life, as it has taken me to some pretty neat places and lead to some pretty interesting observations. The process phase will allow you a glimpse into what it’s like for me to become an author. I will not be taking questions during this phase, as I need to be writing. If you want to observe the train wreck in progress, by all means, hop aboard.

2) Production: In the second phase of the blog, I will be detailing what happens between submitting the manuscript to my publishers and the book hitting the shelves. This will include art work updates (galley covers, etc.), perhaps some advance reviews, book tour dates (I plan on doing a very interesting book tour), and what I learn about the business of publishing as I go along. This is a new area for me, and I hope to share what I learn as I fumble through this new field- who knows, maybe it will help some young aspiring author out! No questions will be taken here either.

3) Publication: Ok, the books out- now what? I guess we shall see! I will be opening up the questions section once the book is released, and we will be entering the publication phase of the blog. If anyone asks me something interesting CONCERNING THE BOOK, I will do my best to answer it. I also will be updating appearances and writing about anything different/funny/weird/hideous/painful/embarrassing that occurs as a result of being a published author. Maybe nothing will happen- who knows? Once again, I guess we shall see. I have a feeling all the above mentioned things will occur though. I am a magnet for wing nuts and bizarre situations. The book will only step that up, I’m sure.


A place to write about my band or answer any questions about it. There are other channels for that. I talk about band stuff when I am doing band stuff. Right now, I’m doing book stuff. The band stuff will come later.

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