Time to Dye: Death Metal Easter Eggs

  • Axl Rosenberg

I know, I know — we’re still more than two months away from the annual celebration of Zombie Jesus. But its creator, Ansel Wallenfang, just sent it to us, and it’s way too funny to just sit on. Watch:

Why are they wearing corpse paint if they’re not Black Metal Easter Eggs? Details, details.

If you actually visit, you’re redirected to a Kickstarter campaign where Wallenfang appears to actually be attempting to raise funds to make Time to Dye a reality:

“Each kit will include 5 sticker sheets, dye tablets, and a razor blade – because handling sharp objects and a DIY ethos is way more metal than simply peeling pre-cut stickers (and die cutting all the unique shapes has proven to be far too cost prohibitive).”

Go here to contribute.

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