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Least Reliable Source Ever Says Adam Jones Says New Tool Album is Done


ToolBandPictureUpdate, 2:19 PM: The PRP reports that Adam Jones has sent out the below tweet…

…so I guess that settles that. Bummer.

A new Crave Online story has the interwebs a’-buzzin’, and understandably so: the article claims that “according to guitarist Adam Jones the long-awaited new Tool record, the follow-up to 2006’s dark masterpiece 10,000 Days, is complete.” Which is AMAZING news!!! I mean, who doesn’t wanna hear a new Tool album, like immediately, right now, pronto, chop chop, tout de suite?

Just one problem. Who’s the source for this incredible, sexually arousing announcement?

“At a pre-show VIP meet & greet in Portland, OR on Thursday afternoon on the band’s current tour, guitarist Adam Jones confirmed to our exclusive source that the alien-prog rock maestros’ new album is ‘100% done’ and should arrive later this year.”

What I can’t quite figure out is whether or not this VIP meet & greet was an event gladhandling local members of the music industry (DJs, asshole bloggers like me, etc.), or one of those “pay to have your picture taken with the band” thingers that groups sometimes sell. In either case, I find the claim that Jones shared such precious intel to be dubious at best.

But CHRIST ALMIGHTY, would I ever love to eat crow on this one. A new Tool album would pretty much make 2014.

Presumably we’ll know one way or the other soon. Or, like, at least by December 31 of this year.

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