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DragonForce + Thomas the Tank Engine = “Through Fire and Trains”

  • Axl Rosenberg

through fire and trains

We all know that the true purpose of the internet is to answer the really BIG questions that matter most to society and mankind as a whole. So while the web has already tackled the age-old question, “What would it sound like if DragonForce covered Neutral Milk Hotel?”, it now turns its attention to an even more provocative topic: WHAT WOULD IT SOUND LIKE IF DRAGONFORCE WERE TO BE MASHED-UP WITH MUSIC FROM THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE?!?!

Soundcloud user “dropdatabase” has taken it upon himself dive deep into this most Talmudic of queries, noting that DragonForce and Thomas the Tank Engine “two of my favorite metal artists” (yuk yuk)The results work surprisingly well. Listen:

So now that we’ve FINALLY gotten that long-unsolved riddle out of the way, maybe we can find some time to, I dunno, like, cure cancer or something? Or at LEAST let me know what it would sound like if DragonForce were appear on The Muppet Show. That’s actually probably a better use of our time than trying to cure cancer.

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