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The New Winger Song Rips (Seriously!)


I’m sure you wouldn’t expect much from a new Winger song, and the truth is neither would I. I don’t think I’ve heard a single new piece of Winger music since 1993’s Pull. But I decided to click on a link in a press release out of morbid curiosity — what are Winger up to these days?? — and boy, was I surprised.

“Tin Soldier” has nothing to do with the Winger you know, or the Winger you think you know. No tired hair metal tropes here, none whatsoever. It’s just a good rock song. With a weird, kinda proggy bent, no less! I was so not expecting this. Kip’s vocals sound great, and Reb Beach is a beast on guitar, we know this already.

New album Better Days Comin‘ comes out on April 22nd via Frontiers; order it here.

Thanks: Admiral Burns

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