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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: April 22, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Gunpowder Gray

The three S’s: short, simple, sweet. The three S’s shouldn’t apply to sex, but they do apply to some sexy STCOT, including this stuff below. A small selection lets us get deeper into the jams — experience what they really have to offer — rather than rifling a mega-pile of releases from every goddamn band in the world. Choose wisely.


joe satriani completeJoe Satriani
The Complete Studio Recordings (Legacy)
On a playlist with: Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Paul Gilbert
Listen “Until We Say Goodbye (Techno Mix)” (here)

A complete remastered collection of every studio album by guitar god Joe Satriani: Wow. Now in terms of the the shred’s heavy hitters (Satriani, Gilbert, Petrucci), Satriani is in the middle. Gilbert is intense . Petrucci is pretentious. Nestled between is Satch, anthemic and jingly, with no Gilbert-sized fires but also fewer Petrucci-esque squirts of cheese from his nipples.


Dust MothDust Moth
Dragon Mouth (Mylene Sheath)
On a playlist with: Samuel, Deftones, Relief In Sleep
Listen Dragon Mouth full stream (here)
Read Kip Wingerschmidt MetalSucks review (here)

Metal needs more female vocalists — and female vocalists who can sing. Angela Gossow is totally my jam, but for indie/rock/post vibes turn to Dust Moth. Their bridges between rock and metal are sturdy; Dragon Mouth is something that sounds huge blasting at a bar or basement. Singer Irene Barber can fill a room.


Dust MothHarakiri For The Sky
Aokigahara (Art of Propaganda)
On a playlist with: Karg, Psychonaut 4, Infinitas
Listen “Burning From Both Ends” and “Homecoming, Denied” (here)

How many bands rock super-hard with just two members? They can be counted on one hand: Jucifer, Godheadsilo, Black Cobra. And on your pinky is Austria’s Harakiri For The Sky, which alternates that independent, “genius of one” feel, but with a big, quintet-sized sound. Super well-done and plenty dynamic.


Stuka pArtyStuka Party
Schmeiser Smasher (Hammerheart)
On a playlist with: Mindless Self Indulgence, Melt-Banana, Mr. Bungle
Listen “Ark Royal” (here

Occasionally there’s a band that violates the tenets of “traditional” music — then makes you forget those distinctions altogether. Stuka Party has chaos down pat, but with this weird, silly, tongue-in-cheek coherence. And they’re kinda adorable (even though the only instruments on Schmeiser Smasher are drums and bass). Even the name “Stuka Party” reminds me of a kitten cuddlefest with balloons and cotton ear swabs.


Machine Head - Killers & Kings 10 InchMachine Head
Killers & Kings 10″ (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: DevilDriver, Soulfly, Sepultura
Listen “Killers & Kings (demo)” (here)

Machine Head is consistent. Most of their records suffer from an unfortunate case of simple-is-as-simple-does. But they’ve got their own jam going on, a vibrance and thoughtlessness to Machine Head, and it definitely shows on the Killers & Kings 10″. I dig Robb Flynn, I loved 2007’s The Blackening, but I’m not nuts about their newest — but that doesn’t mean that Machine Head isn’t a damn important band!


Skinfather - None Will MournSkinfather
None Will Mourn (Streetcleaner)
On a playlist with: Harness, Creatures, Twisting Tongues
Listen None Will Mourn full stream (here)

There’s something so quintessential about old school — even if you’re not from the era, you still get that grandma’s-basement feel from it. Skinfather is like 1000% old school. It’s that dusty, grungy, stinky shit seeping out of the corner, kinda dagnasty but you keep smelling it because you’re curious. Then you start to enjoy it, like it’s your own scent, and then you start bottling it with None Will Mourn as your soundtrack.



Black Tar Prophet Deafen (Domestic Genocide) listen listen
Sebastian Bach Give ‘Em Hell (Frontiers) listen listen listen
Creinium Project Utopia (Inverse) listen
Eskhaton Worship Death (Chaos) listen
» Ghoul Hang Ten EP (Tankcrimes) listen
¤ Gunpowder Gray Gunpowder Gray (Boris) listen listen
Krokus Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House Of Rust (The End) listen listen
WildRuine Winter 2014 Demo (Forcefield) listen
Skelethal Deathmanicvs Revelation EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Various Nirvana In Utero: In Tribute tribute (Robotic Empire) listen
» Wild En Tierra Hostil (Sliptrick) listen
Winger Better Days Comin’ (Frontiers) listen listen listen
Wrong Pessimistic Outcomes (Xtreem) listen

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