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A Gruesome EP: The Drip Rips

  • Anso DF

The Drip large

Imagine a huge fire hose as it slips from the hands of a firefighter: Suddenly a live wire, the hose is thrashing all around, those nearby are wincing in preparation for a nozzle to the cheekbone, and sheets of water are obscuring any escape route. And all the while, a fire rages, screams and smoke fill the night. It’s an overload. Danger.

That’s what some metal albums are like: overwhelming, quicker than the senses, and stimulating of your every nerve. For example, Jesus Christ Bobby by Minús and The Crown’s Crowned In Terror, two first-ballot entries to the Hall Of Fame For Too-Intense Metal Masterpieces; those records upped the insanity of their predecessors Seasons In The Abyss and Ministry’s live EP. And likewise, the next in line seeks to up the amperage of both JCB and CIT, plus the shocking stramgle of Strapping Young Lad’s debut: It’s an EP called A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics by The Drip. U jam?

The Drip’s A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics came out last Tuesday via Relapse. Get it here and here.

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