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Necrotic, Necrotic Put Your Eight Hands All Over My Body

  • Axl Rosenberg

Aborted - The Necrotic Manifesto

So there’s this old story from the Tales from Crypt comics called “Death’s Turn!”. It’s about these two assholes who own an amusement park that’s on the verge of going out of business. But their luck seems to change when they meet a man who claims he can build the world’s fastest roller coaster for them — a new attraction which, surely, would save the park. So the men hire this guy to build the roller coaster, and when it’s complete, he tells them something like “I just have one more test to run”… but before he can run that test, the amusement park owners murder him so they won’t have to share any of the profits. Then they call a big press conference to announce the unveiling of the roller coaster, and they get on to take the ceremonial first ride. Unfortunately for them, the “last test” the guy they killed needed to complete was one to make sure the coaster wasn’t too fast… and by the time the ride comes to an end, the two amusement park owners are dead, their necks snapped from the sheer speed of the coaster.

I mention it because I think about this story pretty much every time I listen to Aborted’s new album, Necrotic Manifesto. As our own Excretakano wrote in his review of the album, Aborted are “an all-release, all-the-time tech-death distillery.” Their roller coaster will break your neck. It may also be on fire. It’s an exhausting experience — but it’s also a really fun one.

No you can take the ride for yourself: No Clean Singing is streaming Aborted’s Necrotic Manifesto in full right now. But you may wanna have a neckbrace handy before you start listening to it. Just a suggestion. The album comes out tomorrow, April 29, on Century Media.

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