Today in Random Silly Metal Sh*t: Death Laughs at You, Slayer Ruin the World Cup, and Animals as Leaders Gloat About Their Musicianship

  • Axl Rosenberg

Here are three stories, all of which are kinda fun, none of which really warrant their own post. Thus, I’ve lumped them all in together. Sooo… yeah.

First off, we have this awesome .gif from reader Christopher S. and his girlfriend. Christopher explains:

“Doesn’t it look like the undead guys on Scream Blood Gore are laughing at you? Well, we think so! So my girlfriend made this gif or them doing just that. Hail Death!”

And here’s the .gif itself, which is pretty fantastic:

Death - Scream Bloody GoreNext up, we have this bit of silliness related to Slayer and the World Painted Cup, which Heaven Shall Burn posted on their Facebook page a little earlier today, along with the caption, “Oh ok, now it makes sense.” Yuck yuck.

Slayer World Cup

And finally, we have the below photo of a rather, um, unique Animals as Leaders banner, which was sent in by a reputable tipster who shall remain anonymous. The band has apparently been hanging it at their merch booth on tour (I’m not sure if they’re also selling it or not… although I don’t see it in their online merch store). It’s obviously incredibly arrogant and bound to piss some people off… but then, some fans might argue that AAL have earned the right to be arrogant. Your thoughts?

Odds Are Animals as Leaders Are Better Musicians Than You

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