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Suit Up for Battle with Overkill’s “Armorist”


Overkill - White Devil Armory Overkill have released “Armorist,” the first single from their new album, White Devil Armory, via the below lyric video. I’m not clear if the titular armorist only arms white devils or arms devils of various races. I am clear about the fact that you can’t listen to this and not get the phrase “AR-MO-REE! AR-MO-REE!” stuck in your head. So don’t listen to this if you don’t want that to happen. For everyone else…

White Devil Armory comes out July 22 in the US via eArmory in July 18 in the rest of the world via Nuclear Armory. Overkill start a co-armoring tour with Kreator in October; get dates here.

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