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Athanatos: U Jam?


Athanatos Unholy Union

So far, the year 2014 has been dubbed The Year Of Hideous Sludge (via gems from Lord Mantis, Indian, Coffinworm, and more) and The Year Of Tech Death (via instant classics by Archspire, Soreption, and Inanimate Existence). And as if that weren’t enough wild proclamations about this year, today let’s add this one: 2014 is The Year Of The Awesome EP. Just witness the brief but staggering — and portentous — outings from Epistasis, The Drip, Dust Moth, Angel Du$t, and Seventh Circle (plus that Légendes of Quebec Black Metal four-banger). That’s a shitload of mini but not minor releases for one half-year.

And you’ll make room for one more once you experience the altered states of Athanatos’ forthcoming demo (!). Titled Unholy Union, it will bulldoze into the hearts of fans of Cult Of Fire, Paria, and Inquisition, sure, but it’s no leap for followers of any post-entry level thrash band and even Monster Magnet. Okay fine, for the latter it is a stretch, still we all might agree that Athanatos is similarly weird, acidic, dynamic — and, most of all, preference-proof. In other words, whatever you’re into, you’ll be into this. U jam?

Athanatos’ demo Unholy Union is out today via Iron Bonehead. Get it here and here

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