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Here’s a New Eluveitie Song Called “Call of the Mountains”


EluveitieEluveitie are still going strong despite the fact that the whole pagan/folk explosion of ’08-’09 has long since kicked the dust. And for that I respect them.

Eluveitie have always been one of the best bands in the genre, and it wasn’t really their fault that record labels decided their sound was the next big thing and swept up a bunch of inferior bands in the cash grab that followed. Through it all Eluveitie have released a lot of quality music. But here’s the thing: even knowing that, I can’t get as excited about new Eluveitie as I did five years ago. The vast overabundance has made this type of music novel, the same way new Killswitch Engage or whatever just isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

THAT SAID, “The Call of the Mountains” is still a good track and I dig it. Like all of Eluveitie’s best stuff, it sounds like In Flames gone folk metal. Check it out below. New album Origins comes out August 4th.

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