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Rigor Mortis are Slaves to the Grave

  • Axl Rosenberg

You think you’ve been waiting a long time for the new Necrophagist album? P’shaw! Texas’ legendary speed metallers, Rigor Mortis, know something about delayed gratification: it’s been twenty-three years since the release of their last album, Rigor Mortis Vs. The Earth… and it’s been even longer since their original line-up of Mike Scaccia (guitars), Bruce Corbitt (vocals), Casey Orr (bass) and Harden Harrison (drums) recorded together.

But the wait is almost over! The band has announced an October 7 release date for Slaves to the Grave, which is not just their first album since Earth, but their first album WITH the original line-up in tact. The record’s arrival is bittersweet, to be sure — it will be the final release from Rigor Mortis, because Scaccia tragically passed away in 2012 from a heart attack. But the album is also dedicated to his memory, and it’s hard to imagine that the guitarist wouldn’t want his fans to enjoy this final addition to his legacy. And the fact that the band is self-releasing the record (no labels wanted it, apparently as a result of the band’s inability to tour behind it or follow it up with out offerings), and that is was funded via Indiegogo and “calling in favors” from various musicians and technicians, makes Slaves to the Grave all the personal — this album has clearly been a labor of love for the group.

There’s no music to hear yet, or a pre-order link, but we’ll let you know as soon as there is. In the meantime, here’s the album art, which is appropriately warm and fuzzy for a Rigor Mortis album:Rigor Mortis - Slaves to the Grave

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