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The Faceless Were in a Van Accident in Canada


This sucks: The Faceless were in a pretty rough van accident during the Canadian Summer Slaughter Tour, which they’re currently on with Rings of Saturn, Archspire, Fallujah, Fatality and Black Crown Initiate. It seems the band hit a moose while driving at night, which is somehow all too fitting for an accident in Canada, but very sad nonetheless. Thankfully it seems is if all the band members and their crew came out unscathed.

Guitarist Michael Keene revealed the news via a post on his personal Instagram page about an hour ago:

The tour had a show on August 20th in Ottawa and a show on August 23rd in Edmonton, which is an absolutely insane THIRTY NINE HOUR DRIVE done straight; no wonder the tour had three days off in which to make the cross-country trek. We’re not sure exactly where the accident took place, nor do we have any details about the incident involving The Faceless’s former driver and bus. No word on whether The Faceless will continue on with the tour, either.

Keene later commented on his own Instagram post:

Fuck that moose. I’m glad it’s dead. I’d break my 10+ Years of vegetarianism to eat that stupid dickhead moose right now.

More as we get it. For now we’re just happy everyone’s alright.

Thanks: Jeremy S.

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