Take Some Shrooms and Watch Opeth’s New Video for “Eternal Rains Will Come”


Several years ago July 4th I took shrooms with a good buddy of mine and went down to the river behind my apartment complex in Ypsilanti, MI to go fishing, hang, and trip balls. As our trip was building towards its climax, so too was the weather: a giant storm front was on the way in, coming straight at us, the stark-white edge of the approaching clouds against the perfectly blue sky like an apocalyptic army invading a peaceful land. In our shroomed out state of bliss we decided the edge of the cloud front looked like several giant ancient Greek Gods, flying towards us Superman-style with their burly, muscular chests puffed out in front and their bodies laid out behind. A couple of minutes later it fucking POURED. We got soaked and reveled in the incredible, cathartic bliss, the build to which had been escalating over the past half hour or so, and for which the rainy release felt electric. Far and away one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Maybe you had to be there.

In any case, Opeth’s new video — more of just a “visualization” as opposed to a real music video — reminds me a lot of that day.

Share your own experiences with psychedelics below if you feel the desire.

[via The PRP]

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