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Listen to Some Useless Clips of Three New Decapitated Songs


Decapitated - Blood MantraI absolutely HATE these fucking preview clip videos that a lot of metal labels are releasing as part of every album promo campaign these days. Maybe I’m off-base here because of my position as a member of the metal media, but I find them incredibly annoying and a waste of time: just give me full songs. I’d readily trade in three 0:45 clips of new songs, as we have here with this new Decapitated teaser, for one entire track later on in the promo cycle. No one asked for these things… they’re a waste of everyone’s time. They just strike me as a desperate traffic grab by labels looking to get extra eyeballs on a release (and, to be fair, that tactic works: every metal news site posts them, and here I am [in this case, to make a point] doing the same).

Am I way off base here? A jaded asshole? Or do you guys find these preview videos annoying as well?

Anyway, here’s a 3:30 compilation of music from Decapitated’s new album Blood Mantra that contains three clips of new songs and one of “The Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation,” which we’ve already heard in full. Hopefully it gets you more excited than it does me.

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