Video: Marty Friedman’s Megadeth Audition

  • Axl Rosenberg

YouTube recommended this video to me, which shows Marty Friedman — now considered by most fans to be the definitive lead guitarist for Megadeth — auditioning for that band (via the song “Wake Up Dead,” in case you somehow fail to recognize it). At first I was like, “No way is this Friedman’s actual audition! Why the hell would that be on YouTube?!?!”, but apparently it is real, and was culled from ‘Deth’s 2006 DVD, Arsenal of Megadeth (which I obviously haven’t seen). So this is a real juicy slice of metal history right here! It would be awesome if more bands released documentation like this (in instances where it exists, natch). Actually, it might be more fun to see auditions that ultimately led nowhere (e.g., Buckethead audition for Ozzy).

ANYWAY, check out the video below:

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