D.R.I. Less-Than-Thrilled About Being Parodied by Lich King

  • Axl Rosenberg

I do not like Lich King. So it says something that I think they’re 100% in the right on this one.

I’m guessing you’re all familiar with the cover of D.R.I.’s Crossover album, but in case you’re not or you just need a refresher, it looks like this:

DRI - CrossoverWell, now Lich King have released a new EP called Do-Over, on which they’ve re-recorded some of their old songs because apparently the original recordings sounded like shit. And the cover art for Do-Over looks like this:Lich King - Do-OverAstute readers will observe some similarities between the two covers. But it’s clear that Lich King meant this as an homage, not a rip-off: I mean, there’s no effort to hide that their cover is a parody of the D.R.I. cover, right down to the EP’s title. And besides, aping thrash bands of yore is what Lich King does! So no biggie, right. It’s like that S.O.D. cover that parodies Appetite for Destruction. No big whoop.

Except, uh, D.R.I. seem to be taking it as a very big whoop indeed. First guitarist Spike Cassidy responded to a FB fan asking about the Lich King cover thusly:

spike cassidy fbOkay. Not super-hostile, but certainly not warm n’ fuzzy, either.

But then shit went to the next level on Instagram, because apparently there is no social network which cannot house a flame war:lich king dri roadie instagramIt’s possible Lance Williams was really a roadie for D.R.I., but it’s just as possible he’s full of shit. Regardless, it’s clear that he’s a D.R.I. fan, and as an embassador for D.R.I., he is really doing a horrible job. No joke is worth kicking someone’s ass over, and no joke is worth threatening to kick someone’s ass over. But if you were going to threaten and/or actually kick someone’s ass over a joke, you should choose one that’s actually, y’know, really offensive.  Like, I’d be a little more sympathetic if they were mad about this:dull rapey inbredsOr this:DESTROY RACIAL INFERIORITYOr even this:don rickles ingurgitatesBut for D.R.I., or anyone associated with D.R.I., to get THAT upset about the Lich King cover is really just silly. As silly as the rhyme I just made, in fact.

Thanks to the anonymous reader who brought this to our attention.

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