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Shop at Carcass’ “Livestock Marketplace,” the Deals are Great!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Carcass - Surgical Remission:Surplus SteelOne time when I was a little I won my local spelling bee and my parents were going around and being all, “Hey, did you hear that Axl won the spelling bee? We’re so proud!”, and I was all, “Aw, shucks!” But then my sister (R.I.P.) got a small part in a movie, and suddenly my folks were all, “Hey, did you hear that our daughter is gonna be in a movie? We’re so proud!”, and suddenly I was pushed out of the spotlight. Well, needless to say, that shit would not stand, so I did what any right-thinking young boy would have done: I pulled out my penis, which I named Kevin Talley because it plays on everything, and I peed in my sister’s stupid eyes. Suddenly, I was back in the spotlight again, where I belonged.

I mention this incredible true story about what a hero I am because now Carcass have metaphorically peed in At the Gates’ stupid eyes with the announcement of a new EP, Surgical Remission. Slated for a November 17 release via Nuclear Blast, Surgical Remission features b-sides, bonus tracks, and previously-unreleased material from last year’s Surgical Steel, a.k.a. “The incredible death metal reunion album we all lost our shit over before At War with Reality was ever even announced.”

The band has now released a lyric video for one of the cuts on Surgical Remission, “Livestock Marketplace.” It was recorded during the Surgical Steel sessions, but has never been released before now. Unsurprisingly, it fuckin’ rips. So take that, At the Gates. And watch your back. If the history of me and my sister’s friendly sibling rivalry continues to foreshadow the relationship between you and Carcass, you will soon die under mysterious consequences that will make Carcass’ parents just a little bit afraid of them for the rest of their lives. P.S. I didn’t kill my sister, it’s not like you can give someone cancer by running a microwave next to their head every night while they sleep.

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