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Carcass and Goatwhore Make Musical Cameos on Elementary TV Show

Image via Lambgoat
Image via Lambgoat

My current TV watching habits are limited to the following: Yukon Men, Key & Peele, University of Michigan football (ugh) and New York Jets football (double ugh). So I haven’t seen the CBS series Elementary, nor do I really know anything about it.

But I just learned this: someone involved with the show is a serious metalhead! The music of both Carcass and Goatwhore made a significant cameo in a recent episode, with the characters giving a nod to the late Chuck Schuldiner of Death as well. Those aren’t the types of bands you’d expect to find if a writer or director were just trying to pick “typical” metal to illustrate a point, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that someone behind the scenes is a genuine fan. Watch the clip below.

Anyone out there watch Elementary regularly? Metalhead involvement notwithstanding, is it a quality show?

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