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Abbath Thought Demonaz and Horgh Quit Immortal

  • Axl Rosenberg

immortal-2009a_c_peter_besteThe saddest story we’ve had to report as of late that does not involve Scott Stapp is that of Immortal. The legendary black metal band’s members currently find themselves embroiled in a legal battle over the band’s name, which is the kind of undignified behavior usually reserved for washed-up bands nobody actually cares about anymore, like Queensrÿche and L.A. Guns.

The latest development in this tragic tale of woe: Norwegian news outlet Dagbladet reports that representatives for Abbath have now responded to the protests of Demonaz and Horgh, who claim that Abbath should not be granted full ownership of the Immortal brand. The response arrives in the form of a letter to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, or NIPO, which reads in part:

“This summer Abbath received a message from Demonaz and Horgh indicating that they wanted to take a longer break from Immortal after a conflict occurred between Abbath and the other 2 bandmembers.

“The band rents a rehearsal space where costs were being shared between the 3 bandmembers. Demonaz and Horgh did not want to pay their share of the rent since the band, in their opinion, was not active. Abbath, as Immortal’s chief songwriter, was dependent on the rehearsal space and was willing to cover the rental costs himself. The other 2 members then moved out of the premises and stopped paying their share of the rent. Abbath perceived this move as them pulling out of the band.”

The letter goes on to claim that Demonaz hasn’t actually played for the band since suffering an injury in 1997, that Abbath has always been the band’s chief songwriter and driving creative force, and that he has nearly completed work on a new Immortal album without with Demonaz and Horgh. The letter concludes:

“Demonaz and Horgh’s application appears to be an attempt to prevent Abbath from engaging in his profession. He has spent 25 years trying to incorporate his character Abbath and his music under the trademark Immortal. It seems unreasonable that the band’s ex-members can prevent him from registering the trademark Immortal, especially since they are not qualified and presumably have no desire to take part in any band activities in the future.”

Demonaz, of course, says that Abbath’s claims are bullshit, and that he and Horgh will offer an official response soon.

I’m gonna wager that this whole thing will eventually be settled out of court, as is usually the case with such conflicts. Abbath will pay Demonaz and Horgh whatever sum of money so he can keep on keepin’ on with Immortal. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later, ’cause now that I know there’s a new Immortal album more or less in the can, the wait to hear that album is only gonna grow less-tolerable by the day.

[via Metal Underground]

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