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Happy Chanukah! Here’s Some “Jewish Metal” by Decrepit Birth Drummer Samus Paulicelli!


Samus Paulicelli - Jew MetalA good friend of mine posted the following on Facebook earlier today, which perfectly sums up how us Jews feel about Chanukah, which started last night:

To my non-Jewish friends: Just so you know, we have accumulated lots of little holidays based off of minor historical events over 5000 years, and among them Hanukkah really is not a big deal (and neither is how you spell it).

The only reason we make a deal about it in America is we are envious of Christmas. I don’t think any civilization in history has ever come up with a holiday as cool as Christmas. The spirit of giving, of being with family, of acting like a better person, and decorating everything with lights during the darkest time of year: these things make it a joy to live in a predominantly Christian country during this time. Yes the music is chintzy and it goes overboard when the religious parts spill into the public sphere.

But on the whole I am heartily glad you celebrate it. All we ask is not to make our kids feel bad for not being part of it, and keep the movie theaters open.

To that final sentence I would add, “and the Chinese restaurants.” Chinese restaurants and movie theaters are quite the scene on Christmas! So much bickering.

In any case, thank you to Samus Paulicelli for putting together this very entertaining “Jewish Metal” video in celebration of Chanukah for his Jewish friends in the metal community, and for the entertainment of his Christian, Muslim and atheist friends too. Samus is not even a little bit Jewish, so I’m sure the scene where he’s using a calculator as a flute with cash floating by in the background (pictured above) could be taken in offense by some. But not me — that shit’s hilarious! And let’s face it, Jews are good at both math and earning money. And we control the media (cough, cough!) and run the entire world, and are part of a great conspiracy that imported Islam to Europe.

Samus has done an A+++ WDBWA job on this video, as per usual; check out some of his other hilarious entries here.

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