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Fan Suing Live Nation for Spinal Fractures Sustained at a Lamb of God Show

  • Axl Rosenberg

tarantino lamb of godPoor William Tarantino probably gets asked if he’s related to Quentin Tarantino like every fifteen seconds, and that’s probably SUPER irritating. So I’m sure he’s at least partially relieved that he’s about to go from “The Guy Everyone Thinks is Related to QT” to “The Guy Who Sued Live Nation for $75,000 Because He Allegedly Sustained Spinal Fractures at a Lamb of God Show in Connecticut.”

From TMZ:

“[Tarantino] says all was fine until the crowd went crazy, trampling him and causing traumatic fractures of the cervical spine which required surgical fusion. He says the surgery didn’t fully heal him … he has permanent spinal injuries. “

The show, which took place in November of 2012, was GA, meaning Tarantino willingly went to a metal show with no seats and was then caught off-guard when “the crowd went crazy.” My point being, this seems like a silly lawsuit to me. I mean, you shouldn’t trample people at shows — that goes without saying, right? — but you should be aware of the potential dangers that come with attending a metal show (let alone a metal show with a band famous for something called a “Wall of Death”). I don’t really see how this was Live Nation’s fault. It couldn’t really have been a security issue, because rarely, if ever, do security dudes just stand in the middle of the floor, squashing any mosh outbreaks. So… yeah.

Silver lining: at least he’s not suing Lamb of God! I think they’ve spent quite enough time combating legal troubles related to an injury sustained at one of their shows, don’t you?


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