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The Top 10 Clickbait Headlines for BTBAM’s New Album


BTBAM Studio 2015Possible headlines discussed in the MS Mansion Editorial Conference Room for this article about BTBAM’s forthcoming new album, for which we just received a press release:

1. You’ll Never Believe When BTBAM’s New Album is Coming Out!

2. BTBAM Went into the Recording Studio, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

3. Ten Things You Absolutely Must Know About BTBAM’s New Album

4. You’ll Never Believe Which Producer Between the Buried and Me are Working with THIS Time

5. You’ll Never Believe Which Band Producer Jamie King are Working with THIS Time

5. Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About BTBAM’s New Album

6. BTBAM Said Their New Album Will Sound Like WHAT?!

7. Top 7 Things Your Boss Can Never Know About BTBAM

8. Try This One Amazing Trick To Make Your Penis Grow!

9. Hot MILFs in Your Zip Code for Casual Sex! Click Here.

10. This One Simple Phrase Will Make Any Woman Sleep with You!

So, yeah, you get the idea. New BTBAM album coming this summer. In the studio with Jamie King right now. Get excitebike! Get very excitebike.

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