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Steel Panther on #Kimmel Wednesday Night Cuz F*ck Yeah

  • Anso DF

Steel Panther Kimmel

Even guys who love to argue never need argue on behalf of Steel Panther: The ballots are in, Panther wins. Look, they play to full rooms on big tours — and at minor market one-offs in towns where only Slayer-level shows can pull 1500 on a Sunday. They rock Wacken and Heavy Montreal, they rock big two-band bills not five-act package tours. And they roll out quality raunchy videos and pop up in weird places like NFL halftime content. And Wednesday night, they popped up on late night network TV, which is a new peak in this unending string of Steel Panther mindfreaks! They. Are. Not. Going. Away. So. Suck. Our. Butts.

The first of those raunchy videos was “Death To All But Metal,” which co-starred comic Sarah Silverman, whose then-BF was Jimmy Kimmel, whose show hosted the network TV debut of this NC-17 half-joking drug-gobbling crotch-petting hair metal quartet, whose discography must’ve gotten strip-mined in search of a lyric suitable for even late-night TV, whose decency standards are a little looser yet definitely won’t allow the phrases “don’t go screwin’ a skanky ho” or “balls-out retarded” or even “eatin’ ain’t cheatin’.” Two jams cleared the fence (including “when I put it in your booty”), but man, it seems like guitarist Satchel is really concentrating to keep from lewdly humping his guitar like usual. Crank it:

Steel Panther’s 2014 album All You Can Eat is here.

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