Sponsored: The Four Best Metal Bands That Have Been Touring for More Than Ten Years


four_live_bandsNothing says commitment like a 10+ year anniversary, and metal is one of the few genres that has plenty of those to celebrate. 2015 bring all sorts of milestones for metal bands in many different subgenres. TourBeat will take you through some of the metal bands who have been touring together the longest:

1. Rush – 1968 – 46 years


Despite the large number of bands that have been touring together for more than 10 years there are close to none that can say they have been touring for FORTY SIX years. Rush have been touring together since 1968 and are easily be one of the longest touring bands of all time not just in metal but in any genre. They’ve had the same members since 1974, they have 24 gold, 14 platinum, and 3 multi-platinum records, and they’ve been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even though they haven’t confirmed a 2015 tour there are some noteworthy rumors and speculation that they will hit the road this year. Keep your eyes peeled for this announcement; it’s not often you see dudes in their 60s rockin out quite like this.

2. Napalm Death -1981- 34 years

Napalm Death 25 Best Metal Bands List

Even though none of the original members are left in the band, the current roster has been solid since the late 1980s. They have 15 studio albums and are credited with having the shortest song in the world at 1.316 seconds long, “You Suffer.” Most recently the band has decided to embark upon a co-headlining tour with Voivod supporting their latest album Apex Predator- Easy Meat. Pay respect where it’s due and grab a ticket to their concert when it comes near you.

3. Behemoth – 1991 – 24 years


Behemoth have been touring together since 1991, making 2015 their 24th year together! The band will be touring North America supporting their 10th studio album, The Satanist. Even though the only member who has been consistent throughout the years is Adam “Negral” Darski, the roster has been pretty much the same since the early 2000s. Known for their controversial performances, the 2015 tour promises to be a must-see for any death metal fan!

4. Suicide Silence -2002 – 13 years

Suicide Silence Eddie Hermida

Deathcore mainstays Suicide Silence have had a tumultuous history full of roster changes but they’ve managed to keep the band together through it all. The only member who has been there since the inception is Chris Garza, and he has managed to give the band’s sound consistency throughout the changes. Despite the turmoil, Suicide Silence give an amazingly consistent live show. Most recently the band announced the dates for their “Stronger Than Faith Tour” for February and March 2015.

There’s something to be said about the longevity and enduring power of metal and its fans when the fourth band on this list has still been touring for 13 years. Their concerts and music are clearly good enough to withstand the test of time, so take the opportunity when it presents itself and go see them all live.

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