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24-String Bass Continues the Battle for String Supremacy


Our pals at Metal Injection have a great gallery today of the twenty coolest guitars they spotted at NAMM 2015, which includes this guy, who is not only the single most fashionably-dressed man I have ever seen, but who also has a 24-string guitar:Too-many-stringsAnd while you might think there could not possibly be anyone more badass than this leprechaun with a handlebar mustache, you think wrong. He’s actually a total pussy. ‘Cause this dude not only made a 24-string bass in 2011, but he did so at home in his free time:

So that cowboy leprechaun can go fuck himself.

Really, folks, I hope the war to put as many strings as possible onto a guitar or bass just keeps going and going. I will not be satisfied until I see someone who care barely fit on the stage due to the sheer size of his instrument’s neck, and who needs a team of little people to help him play, because his arms just cannot reach all the way around. Only then will I be able to die happy.

24-string bass

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