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Juicy Tour Rumor: Are Animals as Leaders and TesseracT Joining BTBAM and The Atlas Moth’s Spring U.S. Tour?


Texas Independence Fest 2015

UPDATE #2, 11:08pm EST, March 24: Tesseract have pulled out of all U.S. dates booked this spring. More info here.

UPDATE, 11:43am EST, February 5: A representative from BTBAM’s camp has informed us that Animals as Leaders and Tesseract will not be joining the BTBAM + The Atlas Moth tour. We’ll see what other news surfaces regarding those two bands in the coming days.

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Last week we were able to connect the dots to predict that Between the Buried and Me were going to tour with The Atlas Moth. Yesterday that tour was announced. Could something similar be in the works with Animals as Leaders and TesseracT? Or, better yet, could both bands be joining the BTBAM + Atlas Moth tour?

An April 11th show was announced on Monday featuring BTBAM, Animals as Leaders, TesseracT and Entheos in Dallas, TX. Three of those bands are playing the Texas Independence Fest a day earlier in Austin. TesseracT only have those two Texas dates on the books, nothing else, while Animals as Leaders just have the one show in Dallas (but we can probably assume they’ll be announced for Texas Independence Fest any moment now). It seems highly unlikely both bands would wing down to Texas for only two shows, especially for TesseracT, who have to fly over from England and deal with work visas and gear rental and whatnot. It’s possible, yes, but unlikely.

So: it would seem as if either it’s the case that Animals as Leaders and TesseracT are teaming up for a tour of their own (and that tour just so happens to be combining with the BTBAM tour for one night in Dallas), or all four bands are gonna tour together. My money’s on the latter. Also, if Entheos are gonna be part of this package too… holy shit! Sweet!

For what it’s worth, such a combo would not be without precedent: BTBAM, Animals as Leaders and TesseracT toured together in 2011.

More info as we get it.

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