Live Karnivool Video is Better Than No Live Karnivool At All

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Karnivool’s may have done a head-fake with regards to their plans to tour America for the first time in way too damn long, but at least American Karnivool fans have this: a sweet video of Karnivool performing live, albeit in a studio.

This particular live set was recorded at Germany’s Ghost City Recordings last summer. The whole “live in the studio” concept can seem a little weird at first, but I can get behind it as a change of pace: it’s neat to see how bands play when they’re just doing so for themselves — and maybe for the camera just a little bit — instead of a room packed full of sweaty people and the resulting energy off of which to feed.

Here’s “Alpha Omega” from Asymmetry taken from that performance.

[via Metal Insider]

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