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Streamagem Fulgora’s Stratagem


fulgora stratagemWe’ve been singing Fulgora’s praises for so long now that I’ve just about run outta ways to tell you they’re awesome. So I am simply going to remind you of three key facts regarding the deathgrind trio:

  • The have a distinguised pedigree: drummer Adam Jarvis and bassist John Jarvis are also in Pig Destroyer, and Adam is also also in Misery Index, and John is also also in Agoraphobic Nosebleed.
  • Their debut full-length album, Stratagem, is coming out on Housecore Records, which means it arrives with Phil Anselmo’s seal of approval.
  • Their music has been scientifically proven to cause an overwhelming desire to cut one’s own face off and feed it to dogs.

Okay, so that last one isn’t really a “fact” so much as a “feeling” induced by Stratagem, but I think my point stands: Fulgora are fucking awesome, and if you’re not already hip to them, you goddamn oughta be.

Lucky, lucky you: Stratagem is now streaming on The Deciblog in advance of its March 24 release. Listen to it. Listen to it LOUD. You can thank us later.


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