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Nicko McBrain: New Iron Maiden Album “Ready to Go This Year”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Iron Maiden 25 Bands ListThere probably won’t be a new Tool album in 2015 — but there may be a new Maiden record! Metal Insider reports that drummer Nicko McBrain recently told Palms Beach radio station 98.7 The Gater (because what else would a radio station in Palm Beach be called?):

“We have made an album. The album was ready to go this year… and it still is. When I was ‘was,’ we were planning on going out and doing some work around the album, which now, we’re all just holding on, and once Bruce is up and running, hopefully in the next couple of months, we’ll… You never know when this might happen. You just never know, do you? [Laughs]”

In case you were somehow unaware, the whole “once Bruce is up and running” comment refers to Dickinson’s recent battle with tongue cancer. Knock on wood, Dickinson’s current “prognosis is extremely good,” and he could be back in fighting shape by the end of the summer. So, all things considered, it sounds like there will be a new Maiden album in early 2016 at latest. Now we just have to hope it’s more Brave New World than A Matter of Life and Death!

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