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Anthrax Just Keep Making the Wait for Their New Album Harder and Harder


anthrax theres a monster at the end studio updateAnthrax have released another in-studio video update, featuring yet another brief sample of awesome-sounding new music. That’s the third one in a month, if you count the one they released earlier this week for their contribution to an upcoming Game of Thrones promotional mixtape. It’s such a tease. It’s like they keep shaking your wrapped birthday present at you going, “But you can’t open it yet!”

At least we can feel confident that whatever is in that wrapped gift is gonna be something sweet. We have no idea if the Game of Thrones track will also be on the band’s new album or not, but based on the first sample and the new sample, it certainly seems like Anthrax are going for heavy and groovy on this offering. What if it ends up being in the vein of The Sound of White Noise, but with Belladonna vocals? That could be fun.

Check out the latest update below. Anthrax’s new album will be out sometime this year.

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