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Nekrogoblikon Hope Their Heavy Meta Gives You a “Full Body Xplosion”


Nekrogoblikon - Heavy MetaWhat if Attila’s music wasn’t so bad that it made you want to kill yourself and every other living thing within a thousand miles? This question is answered by “Full Body Xplosion,” the new single from Nekrogoblikon, the world’s #1 goblin-themed metal band. There are passages, like the one at :41, when Nekrogoblikon frontgoblin Scorpion sounds just like Chris Fronzak. Sure, Scorpion doesn’t seem to be asking any deep philosophical questions the way Fronzak does (e.g., “Who’s the faggot now?”), but what “Full Body Xplosion” lacks in lyrical substance it makes up for in the fact that, again, it doesn’t make you wanna join ISIS. Which seems like a pretty check in the “plus” column to me!

Check out “Full Body Xplosion” below. Nekrogoblikon’s latest offering, Heavy Meta, on June 2 via Mystery Box / Razor & Tie.

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