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A Big Update on the Next Deftones Album

Photo Credit: Gary Wolstenholme/Getty
Photo Credit: Gary Wolstenholme/Getty

Koi No Yokan came out in November of 2012. By the time the next Deftones album rolls around it will’ve been three years already. It’s time.

Rolling Stone’s Kory Grow is looking out for us Deftones fans, and he’s got all sorts of goodies in this feature article about the progress of Deftones’ next album. Chino Moreno says things like “heady” and “outside the box” to describe the direction of the affair and reveals that the writing process was completely collaborative, with all the band members together in one room. How rare is that in the era of bedroom recording rigs and instantly emailable and textable riffs?

I hope they’re not bullshitting us with this “heady” and “outside the box” stuff, ’cause I’d love to see where these guys can take things that they haven’t already. If any band can do something truly earth-shattering at this point in their career, its Deftones. But I’d be satisfied with just another regular old Deftones album too, as long as the songs are solid.

I’ll leave the juicy stuff for you to read at Rolling Stone, but I’ll tease you with this quote:

It definitely feels like we’ve taken a step from our last record. But it’s definitely a Deftones record, and it has all the elements that make us who we are. We’re not going out there to change anything, other than just thinking outside the box.

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