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The Next Carcass Album Could Be Dubstep

  • Axl Rosenberg

carcass 2016 predictionsIn a new interview with a podcast called Rabid Noise, Bill Steer, a.k.a. “the happy one in Carcass,” gives some details regarding the band’s follow-up to 2013’s Surgical Steel:

“I couldn’t tell you exactly when we’ll start work proper in terms of recording, ’cause that’s a long way off. And the one thing we don’t wanna do is rush, because if we’re gonna take the trouble to make a new album, it has to be worthwhile. We can’t really just play it safe and do a similar kind of recipe to the previous record. It’s got to be substantially different.”

Which could mean anything, really. The album could sound like Swansong! I mean, it probably won’t, but that would be “substantially different,” that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when, or even if, we’ll get to hear that substantially different album: Steer says there’s “nothing concrete” in terms of plans right now.

And it makes sense that Carcass would wanna tread carefully after Steel: if the trick to a reunion album is not fucking up your legacy, then the trick to the album after a reunion album is not fucking up your legacy while also knowing you won’t be able to coast even the slightest bit on nostalgic goodwill. You gotta put up or shut up. I imagine that’s pretty damned daunting.

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