Terror Universal Singer Finally Responds to Otep Crotch-Grabbing Allegations


Terror UniversalThe alleged crotch-grabbing incident that took place between Terror Universal vocalist Chad Armstrong and Otep Shamaya happened nearly two months ago, and the accusations have been out in the open since last weekend. Otep took to the MetalSucks Podcast last week for a detailed, revealing interview about exactly what happened between her and Armstrong, but the Terror Universal camp has remained silent save for a statement issued by Armstrong’s wife. That silence has been mighty suspect, although now, finally, Armstrong has issued a statement of his own.

In a statement posted to Terror Universal’s Facebook page on Sunday, Armstrong offered the following:


I’m Chad Armstrong, singer from Terror Universal. Let me start by saying that I am here to set the record straight, once and for all, state the facts, and my side of the story.

These are facts; Otep has ZERO proof of these allegations, and accusations. There is NO police report. There’s NO video. She waited 30 days to announce her allegations on social media.

This is exactly how the incident happened. I was walking out of the club to go back to the hotel, as Otep was doing her meet and greet. She was standing on a table, and as walked by I tapped her on the leg, and said “good night Otep”.. That’s when she freaked out, yelling and screaming at me, and yelled at 2 security guards to “escort” me out. The security guards were just as confused as I was, we discussed what had just happened for a bit and I left.

Now let me ask you this; she claims I barreled through her hundreds of fans, and assaulted her? And the utterly false accusations about the two fingers, how does someone do that when a person is wearing pants? She claims I grabbed all of her band member’s genitals, to further distort the truth, which is absolutely false, and disgusting to even say….

Otep has a very strong social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr, instagram, etc… She knows her fan base, and she knew that by using keywords like “molester” and “rapist” she would incite a maniacal frenzy within her fan base, that would be directed towards me. How could I even try to defend myself in a social media war with Otep and her fans? Otep is a seasoned veteran at this sort of thing, and she has about half a million followers on facebook, intagram, twitter, etc…

I’ve received multiple threats of bodily harm and even death by Otep’s supporters. All of which were based on hearsay. Is this justice? No, this is more like a witch trial.

I have been subject to defamation of character and slander in the worst way. These are very serious accusations that I do not appreciate, and would never want my son or daughter to have to read on the internet one day. All I want to do is clear my name and go about my business. Thanks to all my friends & family throughout these terrible allegations.

Chad Armstrong

What to make of Armstrong’s response? It’s hard to say and, at this point, it seems like too little too late. Why the long wait? Perhaps Armstrong wanted to create space from the incident and let the public furor die down, perhaps he needed to consult lawyers, perhaps some other reason altogether. Whatever the case, Armstrong’s protracted silence probably only hurt his case — the public, for the most part, is “over it” with this story.

Hopefully this is the last we hear of this controversy. The court of public opinion will decide who’s telling the truth, if it hasn’t already.

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