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Dave Brockie’s Dad is Suing Gwar for a Million Bucks

  • Axl Rosenberg

brockie oderusHere’s a story so sad it makes me wanna go lay down in the fetal position.

According to, William Brockie, father of late Gwar vocalist Dave Brockie (a.k.a. “Oderus Urungus”) and “administrator for his son’s estate,” is suing the band for a million dollars. Why?

“[William]  Brockie says in the months following his son’s death, band members pilfered guitars, artwork, a gold record, tour ephemera and other personal effects from Brockie’s home, and padlocked them in an office at the band’s Slave Pit Inc. headquarters.

“The lawsuit says [Brad] Roberts [a.k.a. ‘Jizmak Da Gusha’] also made off with David Brockie’s cremated remains, and that when the singer’s father attempted to retrieve them, he was made to wait across the street from Slave Pit Inc. until he was given a small fraction of his son’s ashes, ‘delivered in a used plastic bag with Discover credit card logo on it.’”

Wow. Not even the logo of a respectable credit card that’s actually accepted places. That’s some foul shit right there.

The accusations just keep going from there: William Brockie also alleges that his son was never compensated for 2014 tours of Asia and Australia, that Roberts and Gwar’s attorney’s attempted to take control of his son’s estate away from him, and that he did not consent for the use of his son’s likeness in order to promote The Dave Brockie Foundation, the charitable organization the surviving members of Gwar launched as tribute to the late vocalist shortly after his death last year.

This is obviously a sensitive situation, and it would be prudent of fans to reserve judgment until they’ve heard Gwar/Roberts’ side of the story. But it’s depressing that this dispute is happening at all. The name “Dave Brockie” should conjure only happy memories, not memories of attorneys in conference rooms scheming.

[via The PRP]


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