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Slayer’s Kerry King and Tom Araya Discuss the Possibility of Another Dave Lombardo Reunion


lombardo araya king cartoonIt’s been more than two years since Dave Lombardo parted ways with Slayer for the third time, but many of the band’s fans — myself included — still haven’t accepted the split. So it’s no surprise that, during a recent interview, Metal Hammer asked Kerry King and Tom Araya about the possibility of another Lombardo reunion. Blabbermouth reports that King’s reply was, well, unhelpful:

Asked if the door is forever closed on Slayer playing with Lombardo again, Kerry replied: “I would imagine. I’ve learned a lot … [Laughs] I learn something new every day, let me tell you. But I never say never, because I thought that door had slammed shut the first time. But is it shut today? Yeah, that lock’s on there pretty good.”

I think the takeaway from this quote isn’t “that lock’s on there pretty good,” but, rather, “never say never” and the word “today.” Because I don’t think King meant “today” as in “from this day forth” or “as of today,” but, rather, as in “at this precise moment in time.” So the gist of what King is saying, at least as I interpret it, is that the reunion probably isn’t happening anytime soon, but could happen someday.

And I’m sure everyone but Paul Bostaph hopes that it does. I wonder how sad it makes that dude to know that he’s EVERYONE’S second choice? It’s like he’s going to all these fancy parties with his hot new girlfriend, and all anyone ever asks her is, “When is your old boyfriend coming back? He was so great!”

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