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WOW! New Lamb of God Music to be Released Tomorrow?!?!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lamb of God 25 Bands ListSo remember that mysterious new website Lamb of God launched a couple of weeks back? The one with the monitor split into multiple sections, and a buncha countdown clocks?

Well, up until now, each clock has counted down to interview footage metal fans from various parts of the world (specifically: India, Israel, Venezuela, and the U.S.). But there’s still one clock remaining! And, as The PRP notes, “the upcoming final piece of the countdown timer is sporting a much different looking art tile.” Combine that with this tweet from Krokodil guitarist/BBC radio host Daniel P. Cater…

…and rumors are now flying that this final countdown is actually to a new Lamb of God song.

Assuming that’s actually the case, the countdown finishes at roughly this time tomorrow (I’m writing this at 1:20 pm EST, FYI). Yes, a mere twenty-four hours from now, we could all be banging our heads to some new LoG.

Of course, I’m a cynic, and I don’t see why this couldn’t just as easily be counting down to an album title or even a release date announcement. That wouldn’t be quite as rad as having a brand new Lamb of God tune to jam all weekend, but it would still be rad.

Go here to check out the site and countdown clock for yourself. I guess we’ll know tomorrow what the deal is!


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