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Secrets of the Sky Streaming Entire New Album


Secrets of the Sky - PathwaysI generally don’t have the patience for doom — it’s usually pretty slow by definition, and I’m a bit on the ADD side. But I am fucking DIGGING on this new Secrets of the Sky album, Pathway. It’s just further proof that genre titles are worthless — you can make good music, or you can make shit. Style is secondary.

It’s not just a mix of clean and harsh singing — it’s angelic choirs battling fucking demon armies. The production is a lot better than most sludgy doom stuff, it’s got all the elements of the sound, but you can hear it all. This is a game changer.

Thanks to Invisible Oranges, you can hear the whole of this masterpiece streaming now, until you buy your own damn copy this coming Tuesday, May 19. Pre-order it now from Metal Blade.

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